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doula north london

"Thank you so much for everything. I still can't get over the whole experience and I'm so over the moon. Thank you for being part of the journey, it was exactly what I needed."




Teboho, mum to baby Tau. Born at Whittington Hospital



"Vaida was fabulous. She was empathetic, knowledgeable enough that I felt covered with the kind of birth I ended up having. 


She was intuitive or observant enough to recognise when she should sit back and stay unobtrusively in the background. 


My husband was very happy and called Vaida a "champion", his highest praise for a person! "


Madeleine, mum to baby Arend. Born at home.


"Labour is not fun at the park and Vaida is just the person you need by your side! She will give you a hug when you need one and come you down or cheer if in distress. Knowledgeable and positive."


Baby Wrapped in Blanket

"My doula is my epidural!"


Mum Anjana in response to the midwife's offer of an epidural during labour. She had a beautiful baby Reyansh born at Royal London Hospital.

"Vaida provided exactly the kind of support I needed. I had several ‘false
alarms’ and thought I’d be induced that day- Vaida was always reassuring
me that she’d be able to come and be there for me. I really appreciate her
flexibility. She was great during the birth, helping me with breathing and
being another affectionate person on site, making me feel safe. She even
cut the cord when my sister was too squeamish!!!"



Helena, mum to baby Atticus. Born at Royal Free Hospital.

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